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 club transmediale.11 - #live!?
  photos player fri_28.01. exhibition opening - alles, was sie über chemie wissen müssen by tag [nl], substrate - martin kuentz & martin howse [nl]  
  photos player mon_31.01. opening night - silver apples of the moon revisited - morton subotnick [us] & lillevan [de], soojin anjou [kr], jason forrest [us], sleigh bells [us], niki matita [de]  
  photos player tue_01.02. new place, new game - lippok versus nicolai [de], fire & ignorance - moha! [no] with idan hayosh [il] & anu vahtra [ee], guido möbius [de], der samtbody [de]  
  photos player wed_02.02. what is live? lectures & discussion: naut humon [us], malcolm legrice [uk], yvonne spielmann [de], mick grierson [uk], chair: axel volmar [de], matthieu saladin [fr], chair: jean-luc guionnet [fr], cinechamber - signal [de], schleusen - ursula bogner [de], jan jelinek [de] & masayoshi tujiko fujita [jp], lawrence english [au], tujiko noriko trio [jp/au], loud luggage/booming baggage - the haters [us], philip sherburne [us]  
  photos player thu_03.02. cinechamber - monolake live [de/nl], ryan francesconi [us], james blackshaw [us], hype williams [uk], falko teichmann [de], raime [uk], dorian concept [at], pariah [uk], henning [fr], a minus [fr], depmaster [fr], dj-team [uk]  
  photos player fri_04.02. hyperdub night with darkstar [uk], king midas sound [uk] and kode9 & the spaceape [uk], o f f [de] & gr†llgr†ll [dk], the field [uk], gold panda [de], gucci goth [us]  
  photos player sat_05.02. library tapes [se], kleefstra/pruiksma/kleefstra [nl], greg haines [uk], yuko asanuma [jp], charlie dior [nl], sens3 [de], zombie zombie [fr], girl unit [uk], bok bok [uk], ben ufo [uk], jackmaster [uk], modeselector [de] & djds [us]  
  photos player sun_06.02. closing concert with full blast, cinechamber - tikiman & scion [de]  

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