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 ctm.14 - dis continuity
  photos player fri_24.01. exhibition opening: generation z : renoise, musicmakers hacklab & performance shadow puppet?  
  photos player sat_25.01. opening concert: kontakt der jünglinge - asmus tietchens & thomas köner [de], charlemagne palestine & rhys chatham [us], sound exchange I with venta - diissc orchestra [lt], the first latvians on mars [lv], beton brute - ornament & verbrechen [de], black manual [de/br], medizin nach noten with raster-noton [de]  
  photos player sun_26.01. sound exchange II with trans music (variations) - ensemble mi-65 [sk], op. 120731 - hommage a kiraly ernö - en aka pal toth [hu], signalstory - lukasz szalankiewicz [pl], sound exchange exhibition  
  photos player mon_27.01. de tune I: installation - eli keszler [us], de tune II with eli keszler [us], baobab - phill niblock [us] with zinc & copper works [int], phill niblock & eli keszler [us], phill niblock [us], eli keszler [us] & valerio tricoli [it]  
  photos player tue_28.01. editions mego III with russel haswell [uk], yasunao tone [jp], ktl [us/at], bee mask [us], coH [ru] & tina frank [at]  
  photos player wed_29.01. un hitch with green piece - anne wellmer [nl] & julia eckhardt [be], moritz von oswald trio [de] featuring tony allen [ng], mark bain [nl]  
  photos player thu_30.01. wounded galaxies tap at the window with lichens [us] and cyclobe [uk], dis connect with recycled hyperprism plastik for amplified chamber ensemble - owen roberts ensemble [uk/de], cm von hausswolff [se], samuel kerridge [de], porter ricks [de], hypnobeat [de]  
  photos player fri_31.01. editions mego V with innode [at] and outer space [us], sounds like kurenniemi with project qrz - cm von hausswolff [se] & tommy keränen [fi], make a baby - lucky dragons [us], de compress with opium hum [de], oake [de], dasha rush [ru], tr\\er [uk]  
  photos player sat_01.02. dis entangle with thomas ankersmit [nl], rashad becker [de], sven-ake johansson [se], n_polytope - behaviours in sound and light after iannis xenakis installation by chris salter [ca], marije baalman [nl] & thomas spier [de], dis arrange with m.e.s.h. [de], patten [uk], fatima al qadiri [us], lotic [us], sasha go hard [us], un cut with sarah farina [de], mark ernestus presents jeri-jeri [sn], shackleton [de], marfox [pt], im balance with basic house [uk], lumisokea [be/it], tommi keränen [fi], 1991 [se]  
  photos player sun_02.02. closing concert: lumiere - robert henke [de]  

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