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       photophunk - out of control!


       10 years of club photography by marco.microbi

       the photophunk photo exhibition at rotations records berlin featuring:

       assault, barbara preisinger, blake baxter, cora s., daniel meteo, eva casal,
       hans nieswandt, jamie lidell, jimi tenor, khan, masters at work, miss kittin,
       octave one, panasonic, phon.o, ricardo villalobos, richie hawtin, scan 7, snax.

       vernissage: friday, 9.9.2005, 7 p.m., music by mr. herzfeldt
       10.9.2005 - 22.10.2005 at rotations records, weinbergsweg 3, 10119 berlin



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       free download, privat and promotion use only, credit: marco.microbi

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