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       photos   07.12.2013    neurotitan shop & gallery : exhibition opening happy hour at the hypnotist

       photos   05.09.2013    willkommen zu hause : distillery-filmpremiere at ut connewitz

       photos   28.06.2013    kunstraum kreuzberg/bethanien : exhibition opening wir sind hier nicht zum spass

       photos   16.05.2006    blue potential : jeff mills – dvd-premiere at babylon

       photos   28.04.2006    min2max : matthew hawtin at circle culture


       pencilbreak – a graphicore compilation


       rauschen als rauschmittel – a book about deejays, live acts & party people



       the plastikman poster


       the fuckparade shirt 2007




       gästeliste +1


       an exhibition on the occasion of ctm.06-festival with photographic works by martin eberle,
       remco schuurbiers, marco.microbi and automatic documentary robot by niklas roy.


       photophunk – out of control!


       10 years of club photography by marco.microbi at rotation record shop, berlin.


       rauschen als rauschmittel – exhibition


       an exhibition with photographic works by marco.microbi at tresor, berlin.

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